About Us

It is our prayer and vision that the fresh anointing of the Spirit of God rest upon you, bringing guidance and revelation of his will for your life.

We pray that he surround you in his power, so that you may, with authority, communicate and impart to others the vibrant hope that HE has given you to defeat difficulties and live a full and victorious life.

We pray for your home to be a reflection of joy and peace, which is God’s promise to all his children that follow.

We bless your home, we bless your children; we declare life over your marriage, we decree health over your body, mind, and emotions.

We release self control that the Spirit of God has placed within you.

We decree that you will develop effectively and with a spirit of excellence in the Ministry and mission that God has for you.

We declare sources of well-paid incomes with positions of influence, so that your incomes will be robust and healthy.

My wife and I recognize the importance of your prayers, support and love for us and our ministry. Likewise we pray that you rest in confidence in the comfort of the Good Shepherd.

Thank you visiting and remaining with us; we pray that you remain safe.

Pastors Juan Carlos and Nydia Aceituno.

Who are we?

We are a church family with Apostolic and Prophetic vision. A generation that fully understands, that our worship determines our present. We live and minister in the capital of the nation of Canada and are in a strategic place of government to influence our nation and the world.


– Influence the municipal, provincial and federal government.

– Making every believer an instrument of influence to change atmospheres.

– Making every believer a priest with authority to establish decrees, declaring the prophetic word of the Kingdom.

– Equip every believer to minister in the authority of the Kingdom and to function in an atmosphere of miracles.

– Equip men, women, youth and children to develop their potential, calling, relationships, marriages and    understanding of the Kingdom through seminars, meetings and conferences.


Our mandate is to establish the foundation of the Kingdom and to strengthen, encourage, nurture, heal and restore all believers for the work of service given to us by God.

The various activities of the Ministry are organized around four interdependent and mutually reinforcing structures that look like: